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Bilingual and Trilingual Parenting 101: A Practical Handbook for Multilingual Families


Want to raise your child to be fluent in more than one language, but don’t know where to start?

Feeling frustrated that your child can understand what you say, but always replies to you in English?


Trying to raise your child to speak an additional language but are not a native speaker yourself?


Look no further.


Bilingual and Trilingual Parenting 101: A Practical Handbook for Multilingual Families will help you tackle these problems and more.


Packed full of practical, no-nonsense tips and advice, this compact book will take you through the process of devising a unique language plan for your family, and explain to you, step-by-step, a tried-and-tested method for helping your child achieve fluency in your chosen language.


As a mother-of-two who is actively raising her children to be fluent in English, Russian and Chinese, I will share with you all my personal experience and lessons I've learnt while trying to raise trilingual kids. This is truly a book written by a parent, for parents!


If you’re looking for a highly readable, accessible book with all the information you need, and realistic, actionable suggestions you can put into practice right now, today – this is the book for you.

The second edition also includes a new chapter on establishing a joyful reading and writing routine, plus a free downloadable "cheat sheet" that you can pin to your fridge to review some of the key points from the book! You can also download a free language plan template to devise your unique language strategy.

Now available in eBook and Paperback formats on Amazon!

****** Major Update 05 December 2023*****

I'm super excited to announce that the Bilingual and Trilingual Parenting 101 book is now available in AUDIOBOOK format on Amazon and Audible!

Use the links below to listen to this audiobook for FREE if you're new to Audible!











Amazon Customer

Great read. There are not so many books advising on how to raise a kid in a trilingual family. So I was happy to find this one and it was a very good and easy read, one you can read in 1-2 days and get a quick overview of what to expect. It also puts you somehow in peace that it is possible to raise a kid to be fluent with more than 2 languages.

Sarah R.

There are few books for trilingual families so was keen to read. It’s such a helpful and reassuring little book and definitely made us feel more confident that we are taking the right approach with our 2 year old. Also made us remember to recognise what amazing progress he is making in 3 languages at only 2 years old instead of worrying he is not speaking like his peers who only speak 1. Thoroughly recommend this for immediate practical hints and tips and not too much jargon to read through, which is exactly what we needed.


I found the book refreshing, easy to read, precise and with a wonderful personal perspective. The writer is very honest and tells her experience raising trilingual children, admitting that perfection is not the goal and giving examples that make the readers feel identified. I have no children myself but it is my hope in the future to raise bilingual children and i found the book extremely useful. I will definately will come back to it to review the great tips and resources.

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