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Your Family Language Coach

Through my book Bilingual and Trilingual Parenting 101, my YouTube channel and the content on this website, I aim to empower parents to raise children fluent in multiple languages. If you are seeking more personalised guidance to help you along your journey, coaching service might be what you need!

How Coaching Can Help Your Achieve Your Family's Language Goals

As a mother raising two trilingual children, I understand the challenges of nurturing multilingual fluency. If you need extra help, personalised advice, or a guiding hand through the process, my coaching services are here for you. Let's work together to unlock your child's potential and make your multilingual parenting journey a joy and an enduring success!

how you will benefit


We are bringing up our 2 year old son to become trilingual, but had been losing confidence since his speech development seemed to be slower than his peers and we were unsure how to support him the best way. We had spoken to a speech therapist but this didn’t really help and we were left frustrated.
I bought my husband Ka Yee’s book for Christmas and we immediately knew this was what we had been looking for. Practical, easy to apply advice from someone who has been there herself and has thorough knowledge of languages and learning. We were really keen to arrange a 1:1 with Ka Yee following this and we had a very positive session which left us with renewed confidence in how to continue our multilingual journey. It was exactly what we needed and she answered all our questions and concerns and gave us a much better understanding of the right balance.
At 2 he is still very little, but we are so pleased to know Ka Yee so that we can get the best advice if we hit any hurdles as he gets older. Cannot recommend her enough for any multilingual family needing encouragement or guidance.

Sarah O.

Get In Touch For a No-Obligation, Complimentary Discovery Call

Begin your multilingual family journey today! Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call to discover how my coaching service can benefit your family, regardless of your current stage.

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