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An Exicting New Start for the My Everyday Life Series - German & English Edition Coming Soon!

Mein Alltag auf Deutsch und Englisch My Everyday Life - An Interactive Bilingual Picture Book in German and English
Mein Alltag auf Deutsch und Englisch My Everyday Life - An Interactive Bilingual Picture Book in German and English

Hallo zusammen!

Hello everyone!

Germany is one of our favourite countries in Europe for good reason… It’s the land of uber-cool architecture, Apfelstrudel (arguably superior to English apple pies), Disney-worthy castles, and so much more.

And… Germany is consistently among the biggest markets for Bilingual and Trilingual 101, so we know there’s a huge community of bilingual, trilingual and multilingual families currently residing in this beautiful country.

So, needless to say, we've decided to create DEUTSCH editions of the My Everyday Life bilingual picture book for our amazing readers in Germany!!!

We enlisted the help of my brilliant friend and former colleague Diana Selje, an expert German linguist who also has her own food podcast.

She did an excellent job translating our book into German so that more families can enjoy it. This brings us one step closer to achieving our mission: bringing the joy of reading to families in two languages, one book at a time.

After months of hard work, we are now delighted to announce that the bilingual German/ Deutsch + English edition of My Everyday Life will be launched very soon on Monday, 29th April 2024!

And this is only the very first step: we plan to launch many more language combos featuring German, so absolutely watch this space!

Why you and your child will love this book

Fully illustrated with beautiful pictures in an attractively colourful, contemporary style, this book introduces more than 120 common words structured around everyday themes such as the kitchen, school and animals. It is sure to appeal to bilingual babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Here's a sneak peak of this book!

As you can see, this book is not only visually attractive but has been designed with diversity and inclusivity in mind, featuring children of different ethnicities, religions and physical abilities. We wanted to create a book that truly reflects the modern world and its values.

What’s more, every chapter includes fun and interactive activities as well as customised QR codes that allow you to easily access free MP3 audio files on your mobile phone to help you and your child pronounce each word!

And there is more: we have also included two BONUS activities at the end of the book so that your child can review the vocabulary they’ve learnt!

Get the book now!

For a limited period only, this edition will be available for a special discounted price of EUR 6.99, an incredible saving of EUR 3 compared to the regular retail price of EUR 9.99.

Do NOT miss out on the chance to get your hand on a copy during this special offer!!!

Since the Amazon link won't be ready until the release date, you can make sure you get the book in one of two ways:

  1. Set a reminder in your calendar for 29th April, and search "Mein alltag auf Deutsch und Englisch" or "My Everyday Life in German and English" on your country's Amazon website OR

  2. Join our mailing list for free and be notified as soon as the link for purchasing the book is live! (We never send spam, and you can unsubscribe anytime)

Thank you, Danke!


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