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Happy New Year and a Big Thank You to My Amazing Readers!

As we enter 2023, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all my readers who supported this website and/or my book in 2022. As you can see in the screenshot below, my book sold 445 copies in 2022, and with some luck, we may well hit the 1,000-copy milestone in 2023!!!!

Since Bilingual Trilingual Parenting 101 was published back in summer 2021, a number of readers have been in touch with me to say that they have found the book helpful, or to ask for my advice on raising multilingual children. I feel truly privileged to have reached out to so many parents out there and perhaps even made a difference to some families embarking on their multilingual journey - thank you!

Sorry I haven't updated this website as often as I would like... Since the beginning of 2022, my translation work has really picked up and I've also preparing for the DipTrans exam. This year I really hope to add more content to this website and over the course of the next 1-2 years, my plan is to bring out a new edition of Bilingual and Trilingual 101 and share with readers some new tips on helping your child to read and write in the target language based on my own experience.

I'm also working with my sister on a series of bilingual illustrated books...


Thank you all! I look forward to reaching out to more of you this year and beyond!!!


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