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Teach Your Child Spanish Today: The English + Spanish (Espanol!) version of My Everyday Life is Now Available!

My Everyday Life in English and Spanish - An Interactive Bilingual Book Featuring Over 120 Words; perfect for bilingual English and Spanish families!
My Everyday Life in English and Spanish - An Interactive Bilingual Book Featuring Over 120 Words

Are you a parent hoping to raise your child to be bilingual in English and Spanish, and are looking for the perfect book to help you get started?


¿Es usted un padre y desea criar a su hijo para que sea bilingüe en inglés y español?


¿Está intentando enseñarle inglés a su hijo y está buscando el libro perfecto que le ayude a empezar?


Here at Multilingual Family Hub Publishing, we are so excited to announce the launch of the English and Spanish version of My Everyday Life, a beautifully illustrated bilingual picture book!


My Everyday Life is the perfect bilingual picture book for multilingual families and families who love learning new languages, suitable for babies, toddlers and beyond.


Beautiful illustrations introducing 120 everyday words

Fully illustrated with beautiful pictures in an attractively colourful, contemporary style, this book introduces more than 120 common words structured around everyday themes such as the kitchen, school and animals.


Delivering maximum VALUE: interactive activities, bonus activities, glossary and free MP3 files


What’s more, every chapter includes fun and interactive activities and customised QR codes that allow you to easily access FREE MP3 audio files on your mobile phone to help you and your child pronounce each word!


And there is more: we have also included two BONUS activities at the end of the book so that your child can review the vocabulary they’ve learnt!


Perfect for European Spanish and Latin American Spanish speakers alike


We understand that the Spanish-speaking community is wonderful in its diversity.

This book was translated into Spanish by Jesús Melcón, a professional translator based in Spain, who advised us on the differences between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.


That’s why, to make this book as helpful to as many people as possible, we’ve used Standard Spanish throughout, but where necessary, both the European Spanish and the Latin American Spanish variants of a word are given and clearly indicated, so that you know which version to follow.


We’ve also created a Spanish alphabet and pronunciation guide to help you and your child pronounce Spanish words.



Who should buy this book


This book is an absolute must-have for Spanish-speaking parents living overseas who want their children to stay connected with their heritage.

But equally, it’s just as good for English-speaking parents who want their child to learn Spanish in a fun, visual and interactive way, as well as Spanish parents who want their children to learn English!

Please check out My Everyday Life in English and Spanish on Amazon and share the news with other parents who might benefit from the book!


Also, we have tons of interesting content on our YouTube channel for multilingual families around the world. Check it out!


And if you do decide to support us by ordering a copy, be sure to leave us a review so that more parents can find us on Amazon!


Thank you SO, SO much for your support.





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